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Where to start? ….. write down key factors about your business.

  • What sector are you in?  leisure, corporate, retail, health, eco …
  • Does the company have any history? what region/country does the product or services originate from, how long has it been established?
  • Your location, will this be a local company, UK or global.
  • What type of target market do you have, mixed, high end or economy?
  • People love a company’s back story. Not essential but do you have one?
  • What type of tone do you want to set? secure, caring, eco ….

Armed with these key facts & maybe a few more written down on a piece of paper, get started creating a list of names using your facts repeatedly as a reference point.




When your brainstorming names you must frequently check the availability of domain names to go with your website & trademark rights. Unfortunately, you will often find popular domain addresses have already been purchased by re-seller companies who want a tidy profit from them. Some domains can cost thousands but fortunately, most can be purchased for around £12.00 per year. You can check domain names @ & trademarks @ 



There are a few different types of names to choose from, just don’t overcomplicate it! short & memorable is always a winner.

Short names tend to work better in designs, their more memorable & short URLs (domain names) always rank higher on Google.

  • ABSTRACT/INVENTED: These are random made-up words with no connection to your business. However, they are often very memorable & used by some very popular brands like Google, Skype & Yahoo.
  • DESCRIPTIVE: Lets people know what your business is about instantly & can often help when people are searching for a pacific type of product/service. Very popular but not for everyone, can be a bit same old sometimes.
  • LEGACY: These tend to be the founder’s name, nickname or perhaps have some kind of connection to the company’s history or birthplace.


Avoid copying other companies, especially your competitors. It’s fine to look for some inspiration but it rarely pays off to copy. If you use the techniques mentioned in this post you will soon find yourself with a successful brand name that you are proud of & it’s yours!

Not had that eureka moment yet? … Get in touch, we can help.



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