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There are lots of email providers out there nowadays to suit most budgets. Just be aware that most will offer a free introctductory period or amount but check the costs after that period!

l would recommend using one of the leading services too as they will have great cross Browser abilities. In other words, the email you created, which looked really great & professional won’t look like a load of jumble text with images missing when a lot of your recipients open it. They also offer a number of great interactive options for your email campaigns.

Here are a few of the leading market place leaders: Constant Contact, MailChimp, Drip, AWeber




We would all love a massive instant email list but that’s simply not reality. The best email lists which will provide results are honest ones that customers have opted into. Research shows over 75% of people get irritated when receiving spam emails from businesses that they know they haven’t had any previous connection with & immediately hit the junk button or delete.

There are multiple ways to build up email lists with various opt-in techniques available to most business sectors, research suitable ways for your business & use them wisely.



Getting subscribers to open an email is half the battle, so you don’t want to lose them the second they open it, with a boring email full of text which they will probably delete immediately.

You need to engage your customers the second they open the email. Your logo should be clear to see near the top of the page so people know who it’s from. Use a good balance of images/icons & text to make your emails more visually engaging. Images can be a great way of breaking up the email into sections/paragraphs to make it easier to navigate through the information.

Don’t make the email too large, get to the point without loads of waffle.



You can’t guarantee that your recipients will open the email the exact time you send it but you will be surprised that around 70% will if you time it right. For example if your campign is for a social event that takes place at the weekend send an email out mid Friday morning with perhaps a voucher if possible. Avoid your email getting backed up in peoples boes over the weekend period too.



This can be one of the main factors for people hitting the unsubscribe button. As golden rule l would normally recommend no more than once a week. If you are in an industry where you have regular/daily promotions, send one great email at a suitable time to best suit your target audience at the start of each week with all that week’s promotions in it. Remember quality, not quantity!



Spam filters in our email settings will send a large quantity of emails straight to the spam/junk box  just for using SPAM WORDS!!!

So, to avoid this l strongly recommend you have a look at the video below from the Elegant Themes team, they know their stuff & it’s very good.

Virtually all email campaigns are unique to your business but these basic tips should help get you started.



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