We love logo design & take a quick look at some of the most recognisable & iconic sports logos, with some interesting facts throne in. Hope you enjoy.

The trefoil is an outstanding example of timeless design. It was created in 1971 & commissioned just before the 1972  Olympics. 
Interesting Fact: Adidas does not stand for … ALL DAY l DREAM ABOUT SPORTS … the founder, a german cobbler called Adolf Dassler with the nickname ADI, abreviated his names to create Adidas which he registered in 1949.

Undeniably one of the top iconic sports logos. The Olympic Rings have been with us since 1913 when Baron de Coubertin created the design. They have received countless alterations during their history by the hosting countries, some of which were absolutely awful & some fantastic!.
Interesting Fact: The five interlocking rings represent the five continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.

The iconic timeless swoosh was created by Carolyn Davidson a student at Portland State University back in 1971. Phil Knight one of the founders of Nike taught at the university at the time & wanted to create a design that represented motion.
Interesting Fact: Nike was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight & Bill Bowerman, which later became Nike in 1971 when the famous swoosh was created.

Perfect example of an undoubtably stylish type face logo, worn my fashionistas throughout the world, as well as sportsman/woman. The club’s owner, Bill Devery was a former NYC police chief, which is where the  logo design originally derived from.
Interesting Fact: The design was created in 1877 by Louis B. Tiffany for a medal to be given by the New York City Police to Officer John McDowell, the first NYC policeman shot in the line of duty. The New York Yankees club owner, Bill Devery was a former NYC police chief & adopted the same design for the club.

Although it pains me to put this logo on here it truly is iconic & instantly recognised by most of the world.
The crest we see today was commissioned in 1998 but isn’t a great deal difference from the crest created in the 70’s.
Interesting Fact: Manchester United was originally called Newton Heath which was founded in 1878, they changed the name in 1902 when the club moved to Old Trafford …. the theatre of dreams.


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